There’s something about kids and their honesty, their unbiased opinions and their stream of consciousness dialogue that endears us to their unique sense of humour.

Kid SnippetsLet’s face it, when you hear a small child say something funny you laugh on the inside and on the outside, and if you’re like me you’ll continue to retell the story for weeks to come. You think to yourself ‘how could someone so small, so young and so inexperienced in life say something so witty?”

Well I’m clearly not the only person who felt this way.  Creators of Bored Shorts TV have taken kid humour to the next level with their ‘Kid Snippets’ series.  Each video is a reenactment of improvised scenes from a collection of hilarious little minds. There’s something about watching an adult justifying through actions the words of a kid that just makes me laugh until I cry.

The following clips are favourites of mine that I can continue to watch over and over again and never get sick of, but you can also find these guys on facebook or at their youtube channel if you want more of this quirky humour in your life.

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Kid Snippets: Basketball Class

Kid Snippets: Salesman

And if you’re a Star Wars fan, or have ever seen the original movies you will want to watch this one at least 100 times.

Kid Snippets: Star Wars Cantina