UNAR Coffee Company is a contemporary outfit with two locations in Hong Kong. The creation of the teams behind UNAR visual design company and Feelsogood interiors, UNAR Coffee Company is inspired by the European coffee culture of standing espresso bars, with high quality Italian beans.

UNAR Tai HongThe Tai Hang location – now a.k.a UNAR Coffee Company – Shop 1 – is a really cool place in the heart of a charming village-style part of Hong Kong, just five minutes from downtown. There is minimal seating, just two stools inside and a bench outside, but the lack of seating doesn’t deter patrons. The jet-black exterior is attractive and sleek; with the crowds of people mingling outside, you can’t miss it. Have your drink surrounded by traditional old residential buildings, hanging laundry, and a mix of trendy new restaurants and old alleyway mom & pop shops.

UNAR Shop 2_interiorA second location was recently added at the Star Ferry Pier (Tsim Sha Tsui side). UNAR Coffee Company – Shop 2 provides the same great coffee and obeys the same simplistic philosophy of Tai Hang, however this time the color scheme is stark white. This is a great place to grab coffee before boarding the ferry but be sure to follow UNAR’s advice, “Don’t run for ferry, enjoy UNAR Coffee”.

What to order:

Cold – Hong Kong-style coffee (Yuen Yuang) coffee, tea & condensed milk mixed together with ice.

Hot – Hong Kong black tea with Condensed Milk (Yeet Lai Cha)

UNAR Coffee Company

Shop 1
G/F, No.4 Second Lane, Tai Hang
Hong Kong
tel: +852 2838 5231

Shop 2
Shop KP41, 1/F
Star Ferry Pier
Salisbury Road
Tsim Sha Tsu, Kowloon
Hong Kong