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Self confessed addicts and connoisseurs; Glaswegians have a penchant for curry and everyone has their favourite place to have it. For many it is The Wee Curry Shop, with three locations – two in the West End, and one tucked up near The Glasgow School of Art. All locations offer a range of delectable curries and pakoras, with menus often changing seasonally. The Ashton Lane location is The Spade’s pick of the three for its proximity on the cobbled lane – it is a great choice to fill your belly after drinks at one of the nearby bars or pubs. With a cosy interiors, The Wee Curry Shops are much as the name suggests – as tiny as they may be, the flavours are anything but. All locations allow bring your own bottle, wine only, with corkage fee.


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The Wee Curry Shop

29 Aston Lane
Glasgow, G12  8SJ
tel: +44 141 357 5280


41 Byres Road
Glasgow, G11 5RG
tel: +44 141 339 1339


7 Buccleuch Street
Glasgow, G3 R6U
tel: +44 141 353 0777