The clean eating movement is a return to a bygone era of simplicity, when food came straight from the earth, without complicated processing and manufacturing. Pure & Good Foods takes us back to this era, creating artisanal handcrafted nut and seed butters.

Founded in Indianapolis, Pure & Good Foods is dedicated to bringing simple, healthy products to the people.

A true Farm-to-Jar concept, Pure & Good Foods source their nuts, seeds, oils, and spices straight from the source. Collaborating with Alldrin Brothers Almonds, Skinny & Co, Savage Spice Company, and Good Earth Natural Foods, Pure & Good Foods products are full of the flavor you can only achieve from quality ingredients – and lack of preservatives and chemicals.

All Pure & Good Foods products are made in small batches through traditional grinding methods from Africa, mixed with modern culinary techniques to create unique flavors, textures and sensations.

Pure and Good Foods_Toast

These butters beg to be slathered on fresh hot toast, mixed into recipes, or simply eaten right off the spoon.

There are five tantalizing varieties of Pure & Good Foods nut and seed butters to get your mouth watering – Simply Almond, Cinnanut, Chai Time, Cocoa Bliss, and Hey, Sunshine – all with a short list of ingredients free from words you can’t pronounce, and lists of numbers – however, that list includes one very important ingredient in each and every jar, Made with Love.

Pure and Good Foods_Shelf

Ensuring everyone can get their hands on these tasty jars of goodness, Pure & Good Foods are available at a variety of local stores in Indianapolis, as well as online at their website and Etsy.

Pure & Good Foods prove you can find incredible flavor from the simplest ingredients, clean eating at its best.