You know that moment when you’re watching a movie and you recognize the building, the street corner, or that iconic city landmark? I don’t, because that never happens to me. I could watch a movie shot in my own backyard and I’d be none the wiser. I could walk down a city street lined with alien spaceships covered in fluorescent paint and I wouldn’t have a clue; however if you asked me how many people were wearing funny hats or walking dogs I would be able to tell you exact numbers and dog breeds…I guess we all have our priorities.

Well, Canadian photographer Christopher Moloney has made it his priority to identify those buildings, street corners and landmarks from movies we all know and love. Christopher combined his love of film and photography to create Filmography an ongoing art project that matches scenes from movies with their real-life locations around the world. With a black and white photo in tow, Christopher finds the original location and with his free hand takes a photo of the photo. Past and present, black & white juxtaposed with colour, a picture within a picture – it’s very meta.

From to The Alamo to The Fisher King to Sharknado 2, he’s got you covered.

So…how do you like them apples?