By Zöe Kazakos

The wonderful thing about French food is that you don’t find it, it finds you. One morning while driving around Playa Guiones in Nosara, Costa Rica we stumbled upon traditional French fare at La Crêperie. This was a most fortuitous discovery because we were starving, but also because we were needing a little tiny break from all of the rice and beans. That’s not to say rice and beans aren’t delicious (because they most certainly are), it’s just that once in awhile you just need a good hit of melted gooey cheese or sweet buttery crêpes. It’s that simple.

At La Crêperie you will find exactly that. It’s a quaint little spot that serves up traditional crêpes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It’s within walking distance from the beach, which makes it an ideal location for swimmers, surfers and paddle boarders who need to refuel before (or after) heading out onto the waves.

La Crêperie‘s menu is posted on big chalkboards by the front counter and is divided into two categories; sweet and savory.

La Creperie sweetYou can keep it simple with butter and sugar crêpes, or spice things up with the classic crêpe Suzette (orange and sugar flambed in sweet rum) but if you’ve come all this way to Costa Rica to eat French crêpes you may as well go all out and get the king of all crêpes; the banana, chocolate, roasted almonds, coconut and mint crêpe – a la mode! Trust me, if you eat this for breakfast you will feel like royalty.

La Creperie savoryHowever if sweet isn’t your cup of tea, there are just as many savory options.  Folded up in a whole wheat crêpe there’s the spinach, feta and mushroom (my favorite) or a simple ham and cheese, or if you want the full gamut go with the specialty crêpe – the Ratatouille; with a colorful collection of hearty vegetables tossed in herbs de Provence and feta cheese, it is sure to satisfy any appetite.

In addition to crêpes you will also find a little Costa Rican flare with the smoothie selection. There’s the Aphrodisiac with banana, cocoa and almonds; the Natiruts with mango, pineapple, ginger and honey and the Pink Lady with watermelon, mint and lemon.  Excellent coffee is also available to order, which I recommend you do often, because ‘when in Rome…’

Now if for some reason crêpes aren’t your thing (but then why wouldn’t they be your thing!?) you can also order a simple breakfast off the menu; house baked bread with butter and jam/honey or an omelet to order.

So grab a table, settle into their incredibly comfortable deck chairs and enjoy the taste of France in the tropics of Costa Rica.

Bon Appétit

La Creperie_chalkboard menusLa Crêperie
400 meters north of Delicias del Mundo supermarket
Playa Guiones
Nosara, Guanacaste
Costa Rica

t: +506 2682-05-59
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La Crêperie