Every wonder what spice goes with what? Or what are the five spices of Chinese Five Spice? Or which spices are part of the same flavor profile? And don’t mix up your Indian spices with your Thai spices, that would just be embarrassing.

To help you answer these questions and not make these mistakes – and most importantly, create dishes that taste just like locals cook, Cook Smarts has produced three very helpful infographics to help you.

Spices By Cuisine simply breaks down which spices are used to create the flavour profile of common cuisines. Popular Spice Blends breaks down which spices are used to create the spice compound, and also tells you which produce and proteins go with the spice mix, and what to use it in. Guide To Flavoring With Spices is very handy and let’s your imagination run wild in the kitchen – the chart tells what spice goes with which produce and protein, what best to use it in, and also what it pairs well with. This little infographic will give you the confidence to create amazing dishes you didn’t know you had in you, just mix and match accordingly, and the flavors will go together with ease.