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These gooey treats are what dreams are made of. SO sweet they hurt, but in that good way that makes you smile.

The Spade is making only one recommendation; The Ace of The Spade of Butter Tarts is Andrea’s Gerard Street Bakery in Toronto. Andrea’s Butter Tarts have been awarded top honours far and wide, and with good reason; these treats are big and luscious with all the essential elements of the classic butter tart.

Similar to tarte au sucre, pecan pie, shoofly pie or treacle tart, butter tarts are quintessentially Canadian, and defined by their ‘gooier’ consistency.

Butter tarts consist of butter, sugar, syrup and egg baked into a tart shell until barely firm. Recipes change from family to family, place to place – often shrouded in secrecy. They are often made with contentious additions of raisins or nuts, or altered entirely to be made gluten-free or vegan.

Whichever recipe you follow, or bakery you visit, it is hard to go wrong with this sweet treat. But rest assured, Andrea’s Gerard Street Bakery will fulfil your Butter Tart dreams.



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Andrea’s Gerard Street Bakery
635 Gerard Street East
Toronto, ON
M4M 1Y2
tel: + 1 (416) 465-4567
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