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Atlas Espresso Bar is an urban oasis.

Opened in February 2014, Atlas Espresso Bar‘s three partners have created a space true to the vision of Sandrine Kwan. Each brought their own expertise to the venture – Zion is the coffee man, Bruce the business mentor, and for Sandrine this is her baby.

Atlas Espresso Bar‘s coffee is roasted by Trebilcock Coffee Roasters, a direct trade business who spend time with the coffee farmers sourcing the highest quality beans for optimum coffee. Atlas Espresso Bar works closely with Trebilcock to create the perfect flavour profile for their own blend.

All coffee at Atlas Espresso Bar is bespoke, made to order, no large pots of brewed coffee sitting in wait. If you have your heart set on brewed coffee, a personal pour over is made fresh for you. Espresso based drinks taste like coffee not warm milk, which is always a clear winner in our books.

Atlas_SandrineThe menu is simple, fresh, delicious and most importantly; homemade. Changing daily, see your preferred social media feed for today’s offering (Facebook and Instagram) as well as a range of pastries, cookies, and other sweet treats from Jules Café Pâtisserie and Culinae, who also provide a range of gluten-free options. And of course, the chocolate covered coffee beans and amaretti cookie to accompany your drink.

Atlas Espresso Bar also has a range of soaps, body scrubs and candles, the fortunate result of a large coffee order arriving before the shop front was ready to open. What to do with all those beans? Enter Sweet Sudsations and the creation of the Atlas coffee bean range.

The space is bright and sparse, with polished concrete floors, simple furnishings, and the south facing front complete of glass. Front Street is a little anomaly in the Toronto landscape – the street is broad with little traffic, often lined with movie trailers, and overlooks the train line, which creates a huge sense of space in an otherwise crowded city.

Atlas Espresso Bar is very welcoming and conversations are easy and fluid with the friendly staff. This is a place to stop by enjoy your coffee, grab a bite to eat but then move on, this is not the place for the laptop set. Atlas Espresso Bar is more like stopping by your friend’s place for cup of coffee and a chat, then on with your day. If you’re not in the chatting mood, grab your coffee, sit on the bench out front and drink in the sun while pondering today’s chalkboard quote.

This urban oasis should be sought out, and enjoyed.


Atlas Espresso Bar
550 Front Street West, Unit 59
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 1C1
tel: +1 (647) 47ATLAS

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Atlas Espresso Bar