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The Spade is a selective online magazine for food loving, coffee drinking, booze indulging, and travel savvy, clever and inquisitive people. The Spade has waded through the ‘best of’ lists, read the blogs, pounded the streets, and done our research to bring you only the best recommendations – don’t waste your time, we’ve done the digging for you.

Ace of The Spade

One is the loneliest number? No way, sometimes all you need to know is one thing. The Ace of The Spade will be bestowed on only the best of the best, the one and only, not the lonely.

City Guides

Whether you live there, or are traveling to, there can be just too many choices, and not nearly enough time to do it all. Our City Guides simplify things, giving you only the very best options, and telling you what they’re best at. Need to know where to grab coffee mid-morning? Or how much to tip? We’ll tell you.

The Spade Six

We like to keep things simple here at The Spade. Rather than bombarding you with endless options, we have limited our recommendations to six, The Spade Six that is. Top 50? Who has time for that? The Spade Six has you covered.